Do Not Follow The Well-Trodden Path Of Alcohol Dependence

Although originally known as alcoholism, the term alcohol dependence is now commonly used to describe the millions of men and women who cannot function without a drink and rely on alcohol to get them through each every day.

Here are the five commonly accepted steps on this well-trodden and unwanted path that leads many to become dependent upon alcohol.

Step 1 – Occasional abuse and/or Binge drinking:

It must be said that the majority of people drink alcohol on an occasional basis and enjoy it for what it is. It can relax, leave you feeling in a pleasant state of mind and enhance social gatherings.

The problem often lies with people who are new to the tastes and effects alcohol offers. Their curiosity encourages them to sample different alcoholic drinks, often one after the other, and to test the limit of the amount they can consume.

While occasional over-imbibing is an accepted part of growing up, it is those who take excessive pleasure from the feelings and state of mind alcohol gives them who need to be fully aware of the potential tolerance issues they are creating.

Even though many people, and youngsters in particular may not drink on a regular basis it is common for them to binge drink. This is when they consume large amounts of alcohol during a short period of time.

Many wrongly assume that this type of drinking will do them no harm. They are wrong! As well as making them nauseous, vomiting and feeling very rough the following day there are more serious consequences such as the possibility of falling unconscious or even slipping into a coma.

Even if physical harm is not experienced there is the chance that feelings received from binge drinking will be enjoyed tremendously. This being the case there is a strong possibility they will seek to carry out this form of drinking on an increasingly regular basis.

Step 2 – Increasing alcohol consumption:

Once this experimentation period is over, many find their ‘tipple of choice’ and increase the frequency of their drinking. They are keen to meet friends and venture out for drinking sessions. By their very nature and the company kept these sessions can become fairly raucous with uncounted drinks being taken.

The amount of alcohol consumed during such sessions can be increased if drinking in rounds. This is because the pace is generally set by others, or whoever’s round it is next.

This regular drinking is a big step towards dependence upon alcohol. Put simply, the more you drink the more you want.

Step 3 – Problem Drinking:

This type of drinking can quickly fall into place with regular drinking. Many find that as their drinking increases it impacts on their life.

They may feel depressed, suffer with sleep problems, have relationship difficulties and problems at work, but they continue with their drinking because the ‘pleasurable’ feelings received are perceived to be stronger than the negative impact it is having on their lives.

Step 4 – Dependence is not yet an addiction:

It is possible for someone to be dependent upon alcohol but not yet fully addicted to it. Dependence upon alcohol means that alcohol has become the most important thing to you. It is prioritised even though you are fully aware of the adverse effect your habit is causing.

It also follows that due to an increasing tolerance of alcohol you need to increase the amount consumed on a regular basis. This is required to achieve the same effects as previously experienced.

You will also become increasingly aware of increased withdrawal symptoms when trying to sober up. These uncomfortable and unwanted feelings are easily quashed by having ‘just one drink’ to ease the discomfort.

Inevitably that one drink turns into another and so the spiral into full blown alcoholism increases pace.

Step 5 – Addiction is achieved:

Through a continued dependence upon alcoholism you will find addiction. This is where a person does not simply drink for pleasure. They have developed a physical and psychological desire and need to drink.

These very strong cravings leave them with depression and angst until they recommence drinking, many by this stage have also become addicted to other substances.

Traits of such drinking are that a person displays compulsive behaviour and will drink whenever or wherever it is possible. This is regardless of the time of day or any social obligations they are due to attend to.

Be aware of the risks and do not feel embarrassed to seek help:

As mentioned at the beginning of the piece, millions of adults enjoy an occasional drink and do so in moderation.

If you feel that your occasional drinking is becoming more regular and moderation is flying out of the window, then it is vital that you seek professional help as soon as possible.

There are very well-organised rehabilitation establishments with years of experience in helping people overcome their alcohol issues. The knowledgeable and caring councillors employed can give vital assistance in terms of helping you overcome excessive alcohol consumption.

The vital thing to remember is that the sooner you address these potential problems the easier it will be to overcome them.

Drug Rehabilitation Thailand – A New Start, A New You!

Drug Rehabilitation Thailand is something addicts the world over MUST consider. We will look at why it is so important to get out of your current environment, some popular treatment options, and why Thailand offers addicts the world over a perfect opportunity to put their dependence upon drugs behind them once and for all.

Drug rehabilitation Thailand

A need to escape your sterile environment:

A huge problem for those addicted to drugs is the environment which currently surrounds them. They have a routine that is based around scoring, using and spending long periods of time with like-minded individuals.

This cycle develops into a drugs spiral that is not easy to escape. Those who are serious about confronting and beating their addiction should strongly consider taking themselves out of such a negative environment.

By doing so the constant temptations and daily drug distractions that fuel illicit substance abuse will be well out of reach.

Taking advantage of the drug rehabilitation Thailand has to offer is the perfect escape.

A need to assess your options:

Dependence upon drugs blurs reality. When an addict is as high as a kite on a very blustery day all will seem well with the world. Unfortunately, this perceived harmony comes at the price of ever increasing drug use simply to achieve a similar high to the previous one.

The thought of going without that regular fix terrifies many, and in case a reminder was required they can be assured of some very unwanted withdrawal symptoms should they try to quit their drug use abruptly.

This is why it is vital to discuss your situation and issues with a professional drug rehab councillor. These caring professionals are clearly focused and will explain in detail exactly what is required for you to overcome your dependence upon drugs.

island in Thailand

Popular treatment options:

Before looking at why drug rehabilitation Thailand offers addicts the best possible chance of recovery we will consider some popular options chosen by those dependent upon drugs.

A visit to your health practitioner or attending regular voluntary meetings at your local Narcotics Anonymous group are steps in the right direction. Outpatient rehab treatment is another sensible option that many find helpful.

The problem with all three options is that they are ‘part-time’. The temptations of resuming your drug use will lurk at every turn and many fall back into their old ways sooner rather than later.

The complete healing package:

A tried and tested route to overcome such problems is to decide on an inpatient stay at a quality rehabilitation establishment.

This focused, professional and proven form of treatment is a springboard for healing and the tropical Kingdom of Thailand is the ideal destination.

Stunning mountain locations or tropical island retreats? The choice is yours. Drug rehabilitation Thailand offers clients a wide choice in terms of luxurious accommodation, first class facilities and fully certified addiction staff with international accreditation’s.

Treatment methods include internationally recognized programs and trademark offerings that have been designed with individual recovery in mind.

A client will benefit from intensive one-to-one counselling sessions as well as group therapy. Add to this physical exercise to suit your ability, and spiritual teaching for those who require it, and the complete healing package is yours.

Such a refreshing approach in helping those with drug addiction issues make it clear why the drug establishments in Thailand have such a successful track record.

Rules and Respect:

Sensible, structured rules need to be understood and accepted by clients. These rules are there for very good reasons and are an integral part of any well-organised rehab establishments mandate.

Another vital factor is respect. This is very much a 2-way street. Many drug addicts suffer from low self-esteem; others are rapidly losing any self-respect they have left.

Internationally trained staff employed in the drug rehabilitation Thailand sector place mutual respect very high on their list of priorities.

Clients who ‘buy in’ to this alliance will find benefits galore that include an increased determination to quit drugs once and for all.

Confidence and Camaraderie:

It is no secret that confidence is generally in short supply for those addicted to drugs. An inpatient stay will see this confidence gradually return.

Another advantage, and one that cannot be underestimated is the camaraderie found through the social, recreational and group activities shared with other clients.

Times of adversity can bring the real ‘’you’’ to the fore. It is surprising how many clients find that the giving and receiving of support during times of need comes naturally.

Helping others or being helped during particularly difficult periods of your stay will create a sense of achievement and togetherness that strengthens as the healing process continues.

This camaraderie is cemented even further on the regular weekly outings which all Thai rehab establishments offer.

These varied excursions offer fun, interest, excitement and yet another opportunity to strengthen bonds between clients who have the common goal of overcoming individual addiction issues.

Drug rehabilitation Thailand – Tried, tested and proven:

Thailand’s luxury rehab resorts are very well established. They have rightly attained international recognition as centres of drug rehab excellence due to their impressive success rates.

It should also come as a very pleasant surprise that prices for such quality accommodation, facilities and treatment are far more competitive than similar establishments in your own country.

4 Tips For Seeking Addiction Treatment

Many people struggle with various sorts of addiction. There are many limitations for a person who suffers from any form of addiction. While addiction in itself may not be categorized as a sickness, the level of destruction and disruption that is associated with addiction is equally damaging as that of a real sickness. Addiction, as opposed to other ailments, is a result of drug abuse. Drugs are essentially meant to correct a physical or mental problem, but with the lack of a prevailing problem they often do the reverse. Addiction is, therefore, a mental disease that arises from drug or substance abuse which requires special treatment to cure it. Here are a few tips for seeking addiction treatment.

Best Tips for Seeking Addiction treatment

Find a plan for the specific condition

Many programs offer rehabilitation for various addiction problems. Addiction, however, is not a one-size-fits-all kind of condition, it requires special attention to the specific problem. Even for drug-related addictions, the best program is usually the one that deals with the specific drugs. Alcoholic addiction, for instance, should be separated from hard drugs rehabilitation.

Understand the challenges of the process

During the treatment and rehabilitation of an addict, they go through many physical and mental changes. The person can experience a lot of withdrawal symptoms and pains associated with the process. This is why it is very important to consider some of these when choosing the best choice for addiction treatment. Decisions like the location of the rehabilitation center are critical especially when the proximity to the addict’s family is important.

Accept the condition

It is often possible to detach oneself from the problem of addiction in such a way that treatment becomes a problem. The first and most important aspect of treatment for any patient or their family and friends is to accept the problem and find a solution. Today, many rehabilitation procedures involve a mix of various techniques to tackle addiction. By accepting the problem, it becomes easier to accept the healing process and procedures that also come with it.

Understand the need for patience

Addictions often take several weeks, months and even years to heal. The most important thing, therefore, is to understand that addiction treatment does not have an immediate and quick remedy. It is rather a process that requires maximum resilience and support from all sides. The knowledge of this particular detail is what is required for a successful healing process. Addiction is also healed progressively along several phases. Going through all the phases requires keen attention and focus.

These important tips for seeking addiction treatment, offer a good insight into the whole process of addiction treatment as well as the healing process. Addiction, like any other condition that requires medical care, must be complimented with a lot of support from family and friends. Good food, exercise and overall care for the body and mind are critical for a quick and successful healing process. The addict must, therefore, receive all these during the entire period of healing. A successful program will bring back the addict to normalcy and a productive life.